Our Story

Casey and Paul met on a dating app in the fall of 2015. A quick meeting to grab coffee turned into a four-hour walk around Central Park swapping stories, laughing, and connecting over some of their favorite shared music. They haven’t been able to stay away from each other since, and the rest is history!

Paul Adler

Paul loves all things art, film, and poetry and is constantly in the pursuit of knowledge. He dotes on Casey’s rescue cat Gryffin, is extremely close to his family, and is a talented writer and magazine editor.

Casey Danton

As the oldest of five siblings, Casey is a natural caretaker. She keeps an extensive plant collection and adopted an abandoned kitten that is part of the family now. She takes pride in her marketing career, baking skills, and creative passions.

The Engagement

After five years of dating, Paul planned a romantic summer day for Casey, traveling to visit some of their favorite places. They stopped by an antique store where they bought dried lavender and apple cider donuts they had once enjoyed years past. They then drove to a small cafe and a beloved kayaking spot, where they plucked forget-me-nots along the riverbanks. On the way home, Paul took Casey to the exact spot where they had one of their first dates when he knew he was undoubtedly in love. He presented Casey with a box full of mementos from their relationship like concert and plane tickets, shells from beach visits, and small keepsakes before taking a moment to collect himself and present her with the ring at the bottom of the box.

Wedding Details

What to Wear

Dress to impress in formal attire at the historic Adelphi Hotel.

Food & Drink

Enjoy fare from renowned culinary director, Chef David Burke. Open bar!


A negative rapid tests is required to attend for those who are unvaccinated.


At this time our hotel blocks are full. Please reserve a room locally to join us.

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